Florida Location 2024

Opening New Location in SW Florida

Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC, CFMP announces her plans for a New Clinic in 2024, physical location TBD. She will also be teaming up with a health coach in MN to help with your functional medicine needs. The clinic in Minnesota will be fully virtual. You will be able to see Dr. Nicole for your primary care, including ordering any labs, imaging, or referrals as needed. Implementation of health changes will be possible with a local coach in Minnesota, or via Telemedicine with Dr. Nicole herself.

Inside her new clinic here in SW Florida she will provide primary care services as well as chiropractic care, and medical massage. Also on the list of new services is a Bone Density machine. Wondering if your heart is healthy (risk for heart disease), if your bones are strong (osteopenia/osteoporosis), or how your overall health looks? Don’t wait, see your health and let Dr. Nicole explain ways to navigate the results.

Please direct questions to: Info@ptbodytherapy.com.