Services Offered at our Clinic

  • Primary Care Chiropractic
  • Functional Medicine
  • Medical Massage (by Dr. Nicole)
  • Labs (off-site)
  • Imaging: CT, MRI, X-Ray, etc. (off-site)

Primary Care Chiropractic

Every chiropractor has training that allows them to properly and effectively assess, diagnose and treat based on each patients individuals needs. In our office, Dr. Nicole will meet those high standards of care by doing the initial intake and exam with you. She will follow up with your findings and treatment plan. After this is discussed she will proceed and begin your care. This may include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue manipulation, laboratory testing, imaging, and/or referrals. Every plan is different because every patient is different.

Functional Medicine

Everyone shows symptoms differently, but we all have similar structures and processes to our bodies. We look through the entire body to identify the ‘squeaky wheel’. We ‘fix it’ and get the body back to running the way it should – on its own.

To do this we will do a thorough workup of your life and how you got to where you are. This includes lots of information to be collected. Depending on the patient, it could be simple i.e. finding a type of anemia and correcting it to help with athletic performance or every day life. It also can be extensive such as diagnosing you with hemochromatosis. This allows us to navigate your health properly, and to prevent damage if possible.

After all data is collected, Dr. Nicole sits down with you (and your loved one if desired) to go through findings; the options to help you correct your health issues. You will receive the education on your condition(s) and have time to ask questions before deciding the best course of action for your care. Dr.

Medical Massage

Dr. Nicole graduated from Aveda Institute with her certificate to massage in 2004. She was trained by and worked closely with a sports chiropractor who worked for the Vikings football team in Minnesota. While working with him and his patients, she honed her craft and has been performing full time medical massage for 20 years. You will not get be able to find a medical massage that is performed with this kind of experience, knowledge and training. 

Laboratory Tests/Imaging

We are contracted with many labs and use them offsite to draw blood, collect stool and saliva. We also are contracted with labs who offer in home collections. You must be a patient with Dr. Nicole to have any tests ran or images ordered through her clinic. If necessary for this service you will have this discussion with Dr. Nicole.

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