Are Chiropractors able to be seen without a referral?


Chiropractors have the ability to be your first contact provider by their education, licensure from the state and by state law.

What type of schooling/education do chiropractors have when they graduate?

Doctorate Degree.

Chiropractors take 4 main board exams and 1 physiotherapy exam (the first two are the same that the medical doctors take).

What is the main difference in education between MD’s and DC’s?

The main difference in education between doctors of chiropractic and medical doctors are that MD’s get trained on medicine, DC’s are trained in nutrition and supplementation.

Education of an MD vs. DC

What does it mean for Doctor’s of Chiropractic to specialize?

Taking more classes or hours in a specific field to learn it at an expert level.  This is usually after graduate school, similar to other doctors. Example: medical neurologist and chiropractic neurologist.