MN Referral


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. John Valentini DC | New Hope MN | 763-432-0116

Dr. John Valentini has been in practice since 1988. He has a very diverse clinic, treating patients of all ages and backgrounds. He was the first chiropractor to be under contract with the Minnesota Vikings. His specialties include auto injuries, worker’s comp, and sports injuries. He has worked with youth sports for many years.

Dr. Adam Millsop, DC | Shoreview, MN | 651-400-7026

Each patient is unique, requiring equally distinctive treatment programs. While chiropractic adjustments are important, they are only “one” tool of many that we might utilize, especially in the more complex or chronic cases. Some patients need an adjustment (joint manipulation), others need soft-tissue mobility such as Active Release Techniques (ART)®, and others need correctional exercises.

Massage Therapist

Naomi Stanley, CMT | Minneapolis, MN | 763-415-2850

Naomi Stanley moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota from Eau Claire, Wisconsin at the beginning of 2018 in order to pursue a career in massage therapy. She attended the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis where she studied the history, science, and practice of massage therapy both in the classroom and in a clinic with hands-on training.

It is her desire to help as many people as possible find the path to healing in a compassionate environment where each person who sees her will be intentionally cared for, listened to, and appreciated.

Rita Sandquist, CMT. | Shoreview, MN | 612-412-4814

My name is Rita Sandquist and I graduated as a certified massage therapist from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2007.  I come from a big family with a large generation gap and my Grandparents were in their 80s when I was born.  Growing up I spent a lot of time with my aging grandparents and my older Aunts and Uncles.  This gave me a unique view of different physical and emotional stresses that take a toll on the adult body.  I believe massage can help you stay active and doing what you love in life.

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