Patient Testimonials

Angie E.

“Dr.  Klersy-Mohr has been the perfect fit for all of my chiropractic needs.  Her constant care and concern, and dedication to improving her clients’ quality of life are like no other.  Her attention to detail and her perseverance is what has given me the relief that I very much desired for my chronic back pain. Her holistic approach combining physical adjustments, massage, and home stretches and strengthening assignments has allowed me to return to the active lifestyle that I wasn’t sure that would ever be able to return to.   I have recommended Dr.  Klersy-Mohr to countless friends and family and I will continue to do so.”

Kris J.

“I would like to thank Dr. Nicole for her help in getting my body, especially my wrists, back to functioning/working without so much pain and sleepless nights.  Dr. Nicole not only provided treatment to me, she also gave good advice on how to help my body work better with my line of work.  Dr. Nicole does not keep you coming back again and again for her financial benefit, which is a huge plus on my pocket book.  She is very helpful and has great insight on optimal health.  I would/will recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Nicole!!!”


“I have been traveling extensively for the last year, and have had pain in various areas of my body from my traps all the way down to my ankle.  Initially I came to Dr. Nicole in April with some ankle and low back pain.  Within a month with weekly massages, plus some stretching suggestions, most of my pain had disappeared.  I had also started working out and taking swim lessons, which got me sore in several areas.  But every time I would go to Dr. Nicole for a massage, I would feel ten times better – she was perfect with applying the right amount of pressure on the right spots in order to get me going again.  Since April I have gone to Perfect Touch about roughly every 3 – 4 weeks, and I hope to continue until my body gets used to the continuous changes.  HUGE thanks to Dr. Nicole for being in tune with my body’s aches and pains, and thanks to Bryn for accommodating my ever-changing schedule.”

Richard H. 

“Dr. Nicole has shown me that the combination of regular massage, adjustment, and exercise could relieve the aches, pains, and limitations I had been experiencing. Being adjusted by the same person who gives the massage means that the treatments are more accurate and effective. Her eagerness to help me understand what exercises can help me and what changes I can make to my diet has made me more aware, and more willing to be looking after myself.  I see her regularly now every three weeks, and I am really pleased with the difference that makes.”


“I would highly recommend Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr to anyone seeking whole body health! She is an educator. She gears everything for each person’s individual needs.  Her whole approach is to get you to health and wellness. Body, mind, and spirit are all customized to your needs. This doctor is sincere and dedicated – working from the inside out!

I was personally placed on a treatment plan that encompassed nutritional education, massage, and adjustments. I loved all of it! I have a new relationship with food and learned at a much deeper level how healing can happen just from being aware of what we eat. The best part is I feel great!  I will continue to see Dr. Nicole for maintenance and support! I am very grateful for Dr. Nicole and her knowledgeable skills in all areas of care!”