Let Our Board Eligible Functional Neurologist, Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC help today.

With many patients having stress and trauma occur in their everyday lives.  This is care you don’t want to wait on.

“Many of my current patients have been adjusted by Chiropractors in regular Chiropractic Clinics in previous years for various accidents, pain and trauma.  Many of those same patients have not had the success as they have when they leave here. When I work with the patient, I look at the whole body and what is the cause of their complaint. When I treat the patient, it is very specific to them and what they are going through.  It is then the patient gets true relief from what has been ailing them. When you listen to the patient they always tell you their problem.”           – Says Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC

How does Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC get the patient better quicker and able to enjoy increased quality of life longer?  

That is simple: she assesses what the patients brain is doing in tandem with their body. This allows her to see what their body and brain need in order to work together efficiently.  When you do this, the adjustment holds, the pain subsides and the brain becomes more efficient in directing the body correctly.  This is what some call: Homeostasis. Then she educates the patient on how to recognize when to come back and what they need to come back for.  She gives proper education on simple life changes like ergonomics at work to keep the patient healthy.

The brain is amazing! It is very plastic and will always be changing.  We just need to be able to keep your brain activated properly with the right nutrients and proper oxygenation.

Our Doctor of Chiropractic is trained in Functional Neurology.  She is Board Eligible and plans to get her certification in the near future.   She has been working successfully with patients getting them pain free fast, rehabilitating their brain to function better and getting them back to their every day lives with ease.

Schedule today with Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC to start your journey to a fulfilling life.