Food in a World of Nutrition

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How food can change your life in 4 weeks

By: Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr DC, CFMP

Common Misconceptions About Food

-Healthy means low fat;
-Food intolerance is the same as allergies;
-Natural means healthy.

How to Eat Food Instead of Diet

Food is meant to nourish us. When you learn how and what to eat, you won’t need to diet to get or stay healthy.

Benefits of Food

-Weight regulation;
-More energy;
-Youthful skin;
-Disease prevention;

Why Dr. Nicole Created This Course

With Dr. Nicole’s background and clinical experience, she learned that most people do not know how to eat or even what food is.

“Seeing patient after patient come through our clinic doors for acute and chronic disease, I decided the need for a course like this was great.” -Dr. Nicole

Most of Dr. Nicole’s time was spent on teaching patients the basics of food and why food is important for health. This took away from truly helping the patient’s current state of being. To enable the full spectrum of what Dr. Nicole is trained to do, she had to come up with a way to teach a strong foundation that will stick for a lifetime.

What You Will Learn

During these four weeks you will spend time diving into all things food. This includes:

-What food is made of (macro/micro nutrients, etc.);
-Food vs. nutrition and supplementation;
-How to pick, cook, and eat food;
-How to prevent disease and dieting;
-How to implement this lifestyle of eating food;
-How to use food to decrease pain and get off medication!

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