Our Doctor

Dr. Nicole Klersy-Mohr, DC, CFMP

Graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2015. Her passion for her patients, background in patient care and ability to educate, she is one of the best in her field. Dr. Nicole focuses on educating patients with all care options and letting the patient choose what is the best care option is for them. As health care changes, Dr. Nicole keeps up by reading the newest research and working alongside other doctors to ensure her patient care is current. She continues taking courses that are based upon the newest publications.

With her knowledge and qualifications, Dr. Nicole makes the difference. She looks at how your body functions together as a whole system to determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that fits your individual needs.


  • Doctorate of Chiropractic, Northwestern Health Sciences University (2015)
  • Board Eligible Functional Neurologist, Carrick Institute (2016)
  • Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Functional Medicine University (2019)
  • Certificate, Functional Endocrinology
  • Certificate, Mastering Brain Chemistry
  • Certificate, Mastering the Thyroid
  • Certificate, Food Sensitivity: The Hormone Connection
  • Certificate, Renewing the Aging Brain
  • Certificate, Exercise & Degenerative Conditions

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